About Us

A little bit about us

We started making our Stacks about 8 years ago for our kids that were not big fans of traditional birthday cake.  We’d make and decorate the most elaborate cakes and they would get so excited to see them. But, everyone would have a celebratory slice and then it would sit and not get eaten.  It seemed like such a waste. We decided we needed to come up with a unique way to celebrate our kid’s special day with their friends without a traditional cake. 


And so, Stacks was born, although back then they were just known as ‘the cool cakes Mom makes’.  Our kids and their friends had such fun picking their favorite snacks off the ‘stack’, and now we hope to have the opportunity to share that experience with you and your family.


Although the original idea was born out of birthday celebrations, today we offer Stacks for a variety of occasions.  We want to make Stacks for your student who is in need of a Study Stack to get them through a long week of studying, or a Healthy-ish Stack to just say ‘we’re thinking about you’.  And of course the Original Stack to brighten up any occasion.  


We still make our Stacks like we did all those years ago - one at a time with love and care.  We hope that we can help bring that same sense of joy to someone you love that we were fortunate enough to do for our kids.  


Thanks for visiting and have a great day!